TBoX Apple TV Freestanding


Available in storage sizes up to 16TB, the TBoX Apple TV freestanding is a reliable dedicated media server smart storage solution that has been specifically designed to work the apple TV 3 (ATV3). It does not need the ATV3 to be jail broken or modified in any way.It will automatically convert all the ripped or stored Movies / TV shows into an ATV3 supported format for playback in 1080P with Dolby digital 5.1. All converted files are tagged with metadata so you will get a cover for the Movie /TV Show as well as a description of its contents. Can also be used alongside your existing apple ITunes account.

With our optional add-on, The TBoX ATV Server also has the ability to archive CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs and automatically embed ID tagging, metadata and artwork on its internal storage. The archiving and converting process is completely automated and once it is completed, the TBoX Apple TV Server ejects the disc, ready for the next one.
CDs can also be dual ripped so that an mp3 copy is made at the same time as a high quality version. The mp3 is perfect for syncing with portable players such as iPods, smart phones and other portable devices.


The software includes an open XML based data API, allowing for integration with third party control systems, or can for advanced users be used as a back-end for their own created entertainment solutions or control systems. Integration to systems such as RTI, Control 4 and Crestron is available


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Our highly skilled team of engineers has developed the TBoX range over the last 4 years. We constantly add new features and keep our hardware and software up to the latest versions to bring you the customer the best possible experience.

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