TBoX Movie Ripper

The TBoX Disk Ripper has the ability to auto-rip and archive CDs, DVDs and Blu-ray Discs automatically embedding ID tagging, metadata and artwork which is safely stored on your TBoX Media Vault (TMV)

The TBoX Disk Ripper, once it’s installed on your local network, the day to day use is as simple as loading a disc into its optical drive. The archiving and converting process is completely automated and once it is completed, the TBoX Disk Ripper ejects the disc, ready for the next one. Add in hardware available to rip 5 disks at the same time or can be connected to a carousal to rip multiple disks.

The TBoX Disk Ripper can also convert DVD and Blu-ray titles based on selectable MP4 profiles for Apple playback. CDs can be dual ripped so that an MP3 copy is made at the same time as a high quality lossless version. MP3 is perfect for syncing with portable players such as iPods, smart phones and other portable devices.

 *seperate software needed to unlock protected disks,please contact us for more details.*

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About Us

Our highly skilled team of engineers has developed the TBoX range over the last 4 years. We constantly add new features and keep our hardware and software up to the latest versions to bring you the customer the best possible experience.

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