Media Backup

Disc Backup

If you have your own movie and music disk collection, we offer a service where you send us the disks for conversion to video files. We then send the files and disks back to you and they can be simply added to your collection. This is usually best option as some disks can be difficult to convert.

If you prefer to do this yourself, The TMV is available in two different versions, either with or without the disk ripping built into the the main storage unit. We also offer standalone disk rippers in 2 models , one unit that simply backs up your CDs to a internal drive for perfect playback or a Movie model that will backup all your Blu-ray, DVD or CDs. This is available in a 1 or 5 drive bay version or you can add a 400 disc carousel to backup large collections.

File backup

If you already have your own media file collection, you can easily add it to the TMV through shared folders on your laptop or PC. If files are properly named they can also be added to main library which will scan them and add all covers, media information etc automatically. More details in our user manuals.

Camera / phone backup

Connect and back up your pictures and home videos from any camera or phone to safely store on your TMV. Cloud backup option also available to give extra protection to your vaulable family photos and home videos.



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